Finding our purpose with a smile

So often one hears people saying how they have lost their sense of purpose, more often than not it is a feeling of bewilderment following the death of somebody close.

Are we really lost, or, are we just overcome with grief? Probably a bit of both I suspect.

Many of my close friends are either nursing and/or losing their parents and elderly relatives and gradually joining the bereavement club.

Working with the elderly I know they are often depressed and with good cause as they see their close friends sadly pass away and they wonder if they are going to be next.

This feeling to a certain extent hits us all as bereavement makes us question our own mortality. All the more reason why we should really live our life one day at a time and make the best of each day.

When I spout such words of wisdom I get accused of being happy clappy and religious which I am most definitely not…just being positive and grateful, religious no spiritual yes!

Keep smiling..that too keeps people guessing!

Optimists gosh we are so annoying!!




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