National Oesophageal Cancer Awareness

I have been asked to help with awareness both for oesophageal cancer awareness and the great organisations that support and increase awareness. Information is power remember.

Too often people are fobbed off with indigestion diagnosis when something more serious may be the cause of their symptoms. I remember only too well when clearing my beloved mother’s house there wasn’t a handbag or drawer that didn’t have a well-know brand of indigestion remedies… when in fact she had cancer…don’t ask!

I have just learned of : The Michael Blake Foundation

Below is their piece about the awareness month:-

‘February is National Oesophageal Cancer month which was introduced by the Michael Blake Foundation. As a charity we focus on raising awareness in order to save lives. We are asking you all to help us with this year by sharing the symptoms below with as many people as possible and these are:
Difficulty in Swallowing, Weight loss, Pain or discomfort-In the throat or back / behind the breastbone, or between the shoulder blades, Acid Indigestion or Heartburn, Vomiting, Coughing up blood, Hoarseness, or chronic cough,
Please Remember: Contemporary treatments are improving all the time along with survival rates. So please, if you have any of the above symptoms do see your GP as soon as possible.’

Keep well, keep safe and my advice has always been ask the GP for a referral if not happy with their response, some GPs are more aware than others.

Stay positive; not every diagnosis is something sinister and if caught in time and with the right care there can be a positive outcome, but don’t ignore symptoms.



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