Cancer Awareness Day

I am always in full support of awareness days to bring focused attention and acknowledgement of specific illnesses. However, there are very few families that will not have been touched by cancer.

We are continually seeing more and more positive statistics for recovery on certain types of cancers and why we must all support the fabulous Cancer research charities.

I reflected on some of my own family members that we have lost to cancer and one very special gentleman and a gentle man was my amazing stepfather Billy.

Oddly enough today is his birthday and I remember him with great affection and will fly the flag that not all step parents are bad as they do receive bad press, albeit some deservedly so too!

I also salute the amazing cancer support and caring nurses such as Macmillan who have cared for several of my loved ones, including Billy and of course our amazing Mother.

Cancer awareness.. yes I am aware.



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