Male suicide

So pleased to see the subject of male suicide is being discussed more openly in the media of late. Following extract from my forthcoming book on bereavement ‘Dancing in my Dreams‘:-

‘Society can often be extremely cruel and unforgiving on the subject of suicide. It is always seen as a somewhat selfish act, but the person who has decided this is ‘best for them’ may actually be doing it believing it helps ‘save/spare those around’. Whether at the time of making that decision they were in the right or normal frame of mind can vary and be debated for all sorts of reasons. Sadly this feeling may be momentarily but acted upon.

However, one of the few the bonuses of modern media; the death of a celebrity who has chosen to end their life certainly highlights in a positive way the contributing factors of depression, mental illness or other terminal illness and/or drug or alcohol abuse and dependency.

We all need to be proactive in encouraging our male friends and family members to talk more about their emotions and remind them they are loved and valued.

As a close friend reminded me recently when somebody we love takes their own life there are just so many unanswered questions.



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