Valentine’s Day – the cost of love

I suspect most women have a few funny stories of valentine’s days romantic gestures and disasters.

Although I come from a marketing background I still squirm at the advantage retailers take of men trying to impress or maybe make an apology to their loved ones.

I remember being taken to a very expensive restaurant where everything was heart for the bill it nearly caused a heart attack but I was, after all, worth it!!

Today I tried my best to scare my local Postman, answered the door in my frumpy dressing gown, no make up and hair scrunched to my head…I think this frightened man had already worked out the huge box he was carrying of roses were clearly not for me!

I have however enjoyed the secret keeping as a very romantic young man (currently out of the country) had gone to a lot of trouble and no expense spared to ensure my daughter’s gifts would be here when she comes home from university. I have my eyes on the chocolates…I have no shame!

The last time I came close to being really in love, said man checked himself into hospital rather than have the planned valentine’s meal with me…I rest my case. A cad! I know he sometimes reads my blog…you know who you are!!

Another day, another fella, who rang on the hour every hour on Valentine’s Day checking to see if his flowers had arrived yet? That day the whole village for some reason wanted to knock at my door including the Jehovah Witnesses…the flowers did arrive eventually.

This year I will be spending it with the one I love…my beautiful daughter who has demanded a roast dinner and a sofa day of watching chick flicks…suits me as long as she shares those Belgium chocs.

To all those singletons out there don’t get sad it’s just another day… that you won’t be getting any flowers from the man of your dreams. Haha.

Seriously, don’t dishearten it is leap year. I have my eye on somebody rather special my close friends know who it is…he is super and an animal lover!!! Pass the sedation quickly.




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