First Aid:Perfect gift for Valentine’s day

Morning bloggers and fellow romantics, I posted my Valentine offerings on Friday but today my tip to express love for your loved ones is to think about doing something special for them…

Become first aid trained you may just help save their lives. So little to give of one’s self but it could be so valuable to those you care about and perhaps a perfect stranger that may one day need some assistance.

Yesterday, I attended my refresher course run my Steve Roy of Community First a local trainer. An excellent course, delivered well and well-worth the time and cost.

I have always believed at least one of each set of  parents should be first aid trained, to know what to do whilst waiting for an ambulance to arrive may make a vital difference to your child’s life.

As we discussed yesterday if one has a course of action when an emergency happens it helps prevent the panic and feeling of helplessness. Such a high percentage of accidents happen in the home so it makes perfect sense.

Steve advised that there are also  various First Aid Apps available to download on our phones i.e. St John’s Ambulance and Red Cross.

So, forget the roses and chocolates and do something really useful to express your love.






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