Talking about depression

I have just watched Monday’s Stephen Fry’s documentary about depression. It is vital that well respected individuals talk openly about mental health issues and the challenges people with conditions such as bipolar have to face.

One of the things which really resonated with me was how teenagers at a school reacted after listening to somebody with mental health issues. Their comments about how adults too often do not want to discuss issues and therefore attach a stigma to issues which need exploring.

It is always better to talk openly and especially to ‘enquiring minds’ that may quietly be having issues of their own. Surrounding adults’ inability to discuss subjects which make them feel uncomfortable only compounds their children’s problems. We ignore the small signs sometimes sadly at our peril.

It is not easy being a teenager in today’s society, so please find time to talk openly and support teens rather than be dismissive of cries for help…it may be more serious than you think.





2 thoughts on “Talking about depression

  1. Well said! As adults it can be easy to get caught up in our stuff and forget the impact this has on our children and our relationship with them as well as their mental health.

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