Life after suicide

I have just re-watched the BBC program about life after suicide. All credit to Angela Samatra for making this brilliant documentary. I hope in time suicide will stop being such a taboo subject and people will talk and more importantly support those that are left behind.

We are still so misinformed about those that take their own life, and sadly many people are judge mental, this does not help the loved ones struggling to come to terms with their loss and facing so many unanswered questions.

We constantly hear the growing statistics of male suicide and depression among teens. It seems every where I have turned this week I am hearing such sad stories of teenagers struggling. Many turn to drugs in an attempt to get control…and that is the thing about drugs they don’t give you control they control you.

Talking with friends over drinks tonight we agreed how too readily drugs are prescribed for those suffering with depression rather than finding out the cause. If somebody is bereaved help them with the process and whilst dispensing  anti-depressants or sleeping pills may be helpful initially bereavement support and counselling is a better approach. Just my opinion but…

Tell those you love that you love them whilst you can.


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