Lost for words

After an extremely sad weekend; I realise there are some times when although you have all the relevant counselling skills and genuine empathy sadly from personal experience – one still feels inadequate in saying or doing the right thing in supporting somebody you love.

I am fully aware that my approach to life often annoys those around me as I always maintain we should live a day at a time and be good to one another. However, things happen  in life which leave us questioning our faith, (if we have one), as we are left trying to make sense of it all.

When we lose somebody we love suddenly we realise just how precious life is. This is never more true when it is somebody young and maybe the same age as ourselves.

Today my heart goes out to my daughter and her friends in coming to terms with the loss of their young and so beautiful friend. Her family are in my thoughts and prayers, losing a child is one of the hardest heartaches that any parent should have to bear..I am lost for words.

My message to the young is to live for today (safely and sensibly) … follow your dreams whatever they may be.

Love, stay focused and continual to be inspired.



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