Rarely a day goes by when one or other of my friends will remind me that parenting is such a rewarding role but such a challenge too.

As I repeatedly remind friends and family members that even when we have the tools and skills when the situation involves somebody that we love and care about our sense and logic can be in short supply as our emotions take hold.

Compound this with the fact that no two children are the same and any child with the best parents can take us by surprise and/or even disappoint us at times. Indeed I was reminded by a life coach colleague that as parents when we over-congratulate our kids that puts pressure on them too. It’s a tough job to get right all the time!!

Parenting really is a case of learning on the job, then forgetting everything you have learned thus far! Seriously though I still maintain my daughter was my best project to date and remind myself how fortunate I am to love and witness her achievements. But I do have an increasing number of grey hairs…that’s called parenting too!

Since becoming a parent aside of how one’s sense of perspective changes I have also found increased respect for my own Mother who brought five of us up as a that was parenting at its best!



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