Leap of faith

Today’s blog is dedicated to one of my younger readers who continues to impress those around him by his amazing strength of character way beyond his years. You are deeply loved and admired kid!

At different times in our lives we are faced with choices and difficult decisions to make. As much as our loved ones and friends may be able to support and advise ultimately the choice and decision making is down to us. We all under-estimate our own inner strength until we have to dig deep enough.

I remember many years ago working for a large conglomerate and how colleagues faced with the prospect of redundancy couldn’t grasp that there was life outside and alternatives which could be life changing…and for the better. The familiar is sometimes also self-crippling as it can cloud our judgement and even prevent us from moving forward sooner.

However, once we have made our decision we should focus on and enjoy the challenge ahead. Embrace the excitement of what the next stage in life holds whether that be a new job, change of living area or new relationship.

I have realised over the years that anything we do and the experiences that brings are never wasted, indeed they will give us the confidence to believe in ourselves, our capabilities and to take that leap of faith!

It is not unusual to fear change to a certain degree but to quote the same young man ‘believe …achieve’.

In life everything has its purpose and happens for a reason. In living a day at a time and applying mindfulness we will help ourselves to remain positive and focused and achieve our dreams, and, those we have yet to identify!



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