The Ollie Foundation

I read with interest the article in the St Albans review last night about The Ollie Foundation set up by Stuart Falconer a grieving father who lost his own son Morgan only last year.

I salute anybody who turns their grief into positive action and male suicide is something which I often cover on my blog. Indeed only yesterday I was discussing this very subject with a colleague and how important it is for young men to be encouraged to share their emotions, feelings and fears.

This particular foundation aims to fund intervention training within schools in Hertfordshire and help remove some of the stigma attached to suicide. Having written two books on bereavement I purposely did not shun away from raising the subject of suicide nor the fact the families need even more help with coming to terms with their loss and that society generally needs to improve the attitude towards suicide.

With my own counselling training and experience preventative rather than cure always gets my vote. If you would like to find our more please visit: 



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