Male sharing

I will dedicate today’s blog to a certain gentleman who kindly follows my blog. Sharing is such a good thing to do providing it feels right of course!

I wonder how many men  don’t share as they can’t get a word in edge-ways with talkative women? I can say that girls as I am well-known for having something to say and not afraid to voice it…I couldn’t run a blog if I couldn’t let’s face it.

Earlier this week U3A members were treated to revealing tips on Body Language from Vic Botterill. Not a member myself but as a visiting writer I have written up his talk for the area newsletter. Extract giving food for thought:-

‘As far as signs to watch out for in personal relationships Vic certainly got a few laughs from the audience and, sometimes at the expense of his fellow man, but well received by the ladies.  However I am pleased that he also took time to remind us that men do not talk about their feelings and how sadly many men are now confused about their place in society and depressed. We modern day women have to take some responsibility for that one.

Vic and I engaged in a more serious discussion after his talk; it is well documented that sadly there is a very high suicide rate among men. I personally am always asking female friends to encourage their husbands, brothers and sons to talk more. Sharing feelings and our problems is not a weakness in my book and bottling up our emotions is unhealthy in oh so many ways.  We agreed that bereavement and especially suicide still remains a somewhat taboo subject to many and this attitude within society is of no use whatsoever to the bereaved.’

It’s good to talk!



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