Feeling victorius

Only so much fun we can have at weekends and the chores beckon. A hater of ironing I set myself up and watch a film. This weekend have revisited ‘Pearl Harbour an amazing war film I’ve only watched it about ten times!!

Just listened to the great speech given by Alec Baldwin to the aircraft pilots before their mission to Japan; ‘Victory belongs to those that believe the most’ and that can be applied to all areas of life.

He then goes on to speak to a fellow officer; ‘Nothing stronger than the heart of a volunteer’ think last time I watched this film it inspired me to write about the benefits of volunteering.  Not forgetting the eye -candy girls of a young Ben Affleck and Josh Hartnett eh?

My tips for ironing and paperwork are well-known within my circle of friends and include:

Shred the ironing and iron the paperwork.

Place the paperwork under the ironing and set fire to both.

Fill a charity bag with said ironing – it’s a no-brainer!



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