Local Elections..consider the independents

We know once  Easter has passed we will be in the run up to election fever. For anybody living especially in a rural area please please consider voting for your local Independent Councillor.

Having spent many years dabbling in local politics and supporting those that do it never fails to amaze me how people confuse local and national politics! This ‘confusion’ often encourages people to vote for a political party member rather than consider the best man/woman for the job who may just happen to be Independent. Locally it is just as important to elect the person who will serve your community well.

The best thing about electing somebody Independent is they really do work in the best interest of their community and not just follow the party line! They are also more likely to keep the promises they make in the lead up to the election rather than the party candidates that make promises before an election and then conveniently forget after they are voted in!…If you think this sound familiar…it’s because it is!

For my local followers; you all know who works the hardest in our ward/village and now is the time to say thank you and show your appreciation for many years of dedicated time..with results.  Don’t waste your vote.


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