My feet will want to march…

Maybe Easter makes for some of us a more reflective time when many will remember their loved ones no longer alive. Combined with the start of Spring and all the new hope that brings in terms of what beauty nature provides around us I am reminded by a few lines from a beautiful poem many of you may know.

‘No, forgive me.

If you are not living,

if you, beloved, my love,

if you

have died,

all the leaves will fall on my breast,

it will rain upon my soul night and day,

the snow will burn my heart,

I shall walk with cold and fire and death and snow,

my feet will want to march toward where you sleep,


I shall go on living,’

I think the last line sums up how one feels when losing somebody close; we want to march to where they are but we know in reality we have to go on living. In our hearts we know they would want us to live life to the full and that must be their legacy. Bereavement is a sad companion but as difficult as it is to imagine at first it does get easier as we learn to accept.

Spiritual hugs to anybody going through bereavement -remember to celebrate their life.



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