Putting one’s mind to something

Just heard another lady at the hairdressers repeating my own mother’s words of encouragement…‘You can do anything in life if you put your mind to it!’

So many of us listen to the little voice that can easily talk us out of taking on a new challenge. My tip for the day is to ignore it and be an ‘I can do’ type of gal. The latter has held me in good stead over the years to always try new things and expand the personal and professional CV.

Be curious; Get out and meet people with a different point of view -nothing better than a good debate as long as you bear in mind it is just another’s opinion which may differ tremendously from yours. In our house growing up with a formidable independent woman for a mother us girls were always allowed our say and quite often we knew best! Sorry ‘brothers’ but it’s true!


I am enjoying having a ‘song challenge’ with a friend who may be reading this today…by the way I am still winning.  I am reminded this weeks of lyrics from ‘The impossible dream’;

‘To run where the brave dare not go’...yes the supermarket on Friday afternoon!

Have a fab weekend fellow bloggers




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