The world of a four year old

Yesterday I spent some magical time with one of my favourite friends from our village Sienna. She is aged four, beautiful, bright and has a great quirky sense of humour. I feel blessed that she counts me as her friend too and has invited me to her party.

We invented a great game last night winding down to bedtime. First of all you think of an object or an animal, then you decided where in your body it should be. It is a fun game to get little minds working.

I decided my cute friend had a television but it was on rather loud. It was kept under her arm so to turn the volume down a bit of tickling was involved. She soon caught on and decided I had a piano under my chin which she wanted to play which involved tickling my chin too…something she often does.

At one stage she had a pussycat up her  sleeve and I had a giraffe in my belly button.

No animals were harmed in the making of this game!

During a wonderful evening she revealed she was a bit sad though as she was too small to play with my daughter (age 19) but somehow manages well with me!

Before finally snuggling down to sleep she told me her teddy needed to go to the vet as he was poorly. I want to live in her world it’s superb. Love this child!


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