Don’t worry…eat chocolate

We all spend far too much time worrying about things and as my amazing mother used to say;  ‘Worrying about things won’t change them and it’s just time out of your life wasted.’ and of course as usual she was right! We knew these as Dorothy’s teachings now known as mindfulness and both are explored lovingly in my book ‘A Mother’s Love’.

One can be aware of something without the necessity of allowing it to become all consuming, but opt to moving on to the next thought process to dilute its importance.  Standing back, reflecting, accepting and thinking ‘In the scheme of things’ one could soon realise the concerned thought is in fact trivia and not worthy of the time and mind space or level of anxiety.

Half of our deep seated worries will never come to fruition and the other half ….do not actually exist! The following statistics may help prove this; 40% will never happen, 30% are related to the past which one cannot do anything about, 12% unfounded health concerns, 10% too petty to even worry about, 4% substantially beyond our control = 96% so one can see what we are left with …not much to worry about at all really so we must continue to keep our faith (whatever that may be), remain positive  and stop worrying.

However, in case of real emergencies I strongly recommend chocolate and yes it is good for your health. But all things in moderation eh?


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