Mindfulness…chocolate brownies

I confess today after a somewhat emotive time of late I was feeling a bit flat most unlike me.  Then a minister friend  rang and asked me if I felt like donating an article on mindfulness for the Parish Magazine. His call was perfectly timed and it helped me turn my own mood around whilst writing something suitable. A little taster:-

‘Adopting the theory of mindfulness within CBT as believed and practiced by Buddhists is about learning to live positively in the moment. Making every day count and not living by dwelling on past negative experiences and/or living in fear of what terrible fate awaits one in the future but focusing on the here and now.

A modern day professor of philosophy Morrie Schwartz was a great advocate of this within his teachings. The script from the film ‘Tuesday’s with Morrie’ dramatizing his final months of his life provides excellent material for anybody studying counselling or theology. Morrie said: ‘You cannot spare somebody’s feelings by denying them, but forgive now –that’s the tension of opposites –we learn from what hurts us as much as what loves us.’ 

He spoke of being mindful: ‘The Buddhists believe that one should speak to the little imaginary bird sitting on one’s shoulder and ask everyday ‘Am I leading the life I want to live?’ Which I believe to be an excellent way of putting on the breaks and reminding us that life is short and each day should be treasured and enjoyed for what it brings as part of life’s rich tapestry.’

After all this soul searching I think a cup of tea and a chocolate brownie seem like a positive step…

My next blog today will include the statistics about worrying so tune in later.


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