Crazy or just a bit quirky?

Today I was reminded by an old school chum that whilst he thought I was an intelligent girl he also thought I was a bit mad! Of course he is right on both accounts creative people have to be just a little bit crazy to be inventive. I prefer to say I am quirky.

There is of a course a very fine line between being insane and what others see as normal, but who are we to judge?

I am also aware that over the years my happy disposition, positive outlook and enthusiasm can be just a little bit annoying too!  But we all are what we are, but with a little change and consideration of others we can all rub along quite nicely. What a great shame it would be if we were all the same eh?

Some people bring out the best in us, some bring out the worst and others bring out the craziness. One of my very close friends and I have had some really funny times which would of course be construed by others (especially our children) as uncool and embarrassing or just plain mad.

So to said old school chum… to play on words… I am not wild…I’m furious. just kidding!

By the way the idea of comparing types of affair as ‘conventional or sexual’ is beyond belief by the way. An oven is conventional or fan assisted!! What’s cooking?


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