Two too many!

Today I took delivery of two leaflets. One I had the privilege of working on for our local Independent Councillor who has worked tirelessly for the good of our community for some 18 years. The other being the Government’s no-expense-spared leaflet on remaining in the European Union.

Let’s be honest here; if they really felt it necessary to send a leaflet to every household surely it should have included elements of benefits to leave for those wanting to vote that way. Whilst I am not personally anti remaining within the EU, I do however object to the huge cost of this leaflet. I recognise, as do many, what good those monies could have done if ploughed into the NHS say… or to save our steel industry…dare I say producing this costly leaflet is conservatism at its very worse!

In today’s age of so many media options those that didn’t feel informed had many ways of finding out, not least of all via TV and Internet -do they think we are all idiots? Our newspapers could have easily spared the editorial space for the material within this glossy offering if current party leaders didn’t lead such colourful lives.

On a more positive note I will be off shortly to proudly deliver a respected man’s leaflet.


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