Falling into place

Isn’t it funny how life takes us on mini journeys where we find ourselves experiencing and trying new things which at the time may not be obvious.

Then further down the line whilst on another journey we realise that what we have learned previously is exactly what we need to carry us further.

Life is full of fate placing us with people and situations and for all good reason as eventually it all starts to fall into place.

Had a very positive chat with my amazing big brother who didn’t really understand why I had been studying so hard these past years, almost been a recluse…but the projects I can now go after and the right ones are coming my way make it all worthwhile.

Dala lama ‘The time has come for us to consider seriously how to change our way of life and not through prayer or religious teaching but through education.’

I say it often; we are never too old to take up new studies.

My number one follower will like today’s quote for sure!


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