Out of comfort zone

Sometimes even when we are prepared and experienced we may find ourselves feeling a bit nervous or wishing we could have done better… because we know we could!

I was discussing this very subject yesterday with a colleague and it may not necessarily mean the situation was out of our comfort zone, but if it is linked to something we really want our passion may distract us.

Last week Meryl Streep one of my favourite actresses confessed that she still suffers from nerves so that’s my new bench marker!  I remember a musician boyfriend explaining before going on stage nerves are what drive us and that a certain amount of adrenaline is good if used well.

However, there are some instances where nerves will hamper our success and I will apply that thought process as best I can later this week. Hoping to report some positive news in this connection. Change that last statement to I will be reporting a successful conclusion.


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