Listen to the grime

I had a short lesson in grime music with my daughter recently. I will probably be in trouble saying this but I think it’s rapping. Seriously, She played me a few tracks and showed me a few dance moves and I did my very best…to howls of laughter.

She played me a track by Drake and the words were;

 ‘Started from the bottom now we’re here’

A good message for the young that we do indeed have to start somewhere and build our way up…sometimes against the odds. So as an adult I would suggest we are not so quick to be dismissive of this style of music. Admittedly some tracks have some colourful language which I prefer not to hear.

Whilst learning my new moves I picked up one phrase in a Stormsy track;

‘Hot chocolate and a pannini to go’…that’s lunch sorted.

As I frequently say on my blog…we are never too old to learn something new and I’m off to practice those skanky leg movements. (If you can do the Charleston you may be in with a chance.)

I knew I still have it… I just can’t remember where I put it!



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