Coffee with a stranger

So often people are quick to criticise younger people for not having any manners or being unsociable.

This morning I had the pleasure to encounter a lovely young lady in Costa Coffee near Farringdon Station. (If you are reading my blog you know who you are). Her manners were impeccable and we soon engaged in a very open and positive exchange.

I really hope this young lady is successful in pursuing her dreams she deserves to do well and if I were her Mother I would be extremely proud.

Often when we are younger employers exploit us or treat us unfairly because they can. What they do not realise is how damaging this can be to somebody starting out in life and needing their confidence building up not destroying.

Beautiful hair by the way!!


2 thoughts on “Coffee with a stranger

  1. Hi annie it’s ashleigh from Costa, I did inbox you on Facebook, I qualified the day I met you, you was my lucky charm, it was such a lovely pleasure to have met you! I hope your day was lovely ♡♡

    1. Dear Ashleigh, It was lovely to hear from you and congratulations on qualifying. You will make a great hairdresser with your flair, style and great social skills. I have told several friends about our encounter. You were mine too I got my assignment and will be mentoring teens this summer. Sorry if I missed facebook message. Keep in touch and follow that dream. xx

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