Vulnerable and fragile

Last night I watched Monday’s Panorama ‘I’m broken inside’ Sara’s story. Anybody that watched this emotive documentary will no doubt be as angry as me that this young girl was failed by the very systems that are put in place to help. I was horrified when her sister reported that Sarah was even subjected to ‘the powers that be’ arguing over funding for her help…disgraceful.

My heart goes out to the family and huge respect for making this documentary about their beautiful daughter. For families still going through the process hearing that professional help is not as successful as we probably imagine must be equally as alarming.

I have known people who have worked for CAMS and know that the counsellors’ case loads are overloaded and funding for support for families is short and slow in coming…sometimes too late.

I remember being at a meeting last year with several supporting agencies and community heads; we agreed when somebody seeks help they are often already in serious trouble then they are reliant on GP funding to refer and there is a long waiting list.

Sarah Brennan from Young Minds spoke about the serious problem teens now faced with cyber bullying (a subject I often write about). This modern media has resulted in bullying 24/7 and I know schools are faced with supporting more cases than they can cope with.

Early this morning whilst I was reflecting on the programme and the notes I had made I was distracted by a small thud outside which sounded like something had hit the upstairs window. As quickly as I heard the noise I saw a bird fall to the ground.

I opened the patio door to see such a pretty little bird gasping its last few breaths. I assume it flew into the window or fell from a nest. As I picked it up I felt saddened but there was nothing I could have done. Sometimes in life these things are symbols which make us stop and think. I reflected on Sara also fragile and in need of help but it wasn’t forthcoming and another Mother has to live with the loss of a beloved child.

The government must put more resources into support for mental health issues and making available resources closer to the patient’s family to aid their recovery.

Any petitions that we see being organised by support agencies and charities we must sign to get the numbers they require to take their complaints and requests to government.





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