Being that friend

At a retreat last year the guru explained how to have those great friends you have to first be that great friend and never a truer word was said.

In life there are those that give of themselves effortless then there are those that are takers. We were encouraged as children not be selfish and naturally gravitate to positive optimistic individuals.

However, we have to be generous of heart which can be tiresome when those we try to support and help really cannot or will not help themselves. So what is the answer?

Life does not knock on your door unless your kerb appeal is good (as Estate agent’s say) Even making a little effort to be friendly and kind to others will reap rewards and I constantly remind people that kindness is a strength.

Life is indeed what we make it and the more we try new things the more we grow and even surprise ourselves of our hidden abilities.

Action speaks the priority: “If the goal in our life is very important, and we are not taking any step to complete or fulfil that goal, then we need to reassess our priorities.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Time for hot choccy before supermarket dash..


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