Mixed messages

A few of my followers may have been surprised to see a post last week about grime music. What I didn’t mention was that during the fun time with my daughter I was actually quite alarmed, and, if I am honest, disappointed to hear the young male singers using the ‘n’ word. My daughter explained it is spelled differently but I heard what I heard.

As  I ranted at the time; are we going backwards have we learnt nothing? Martin Luther King and others gave their time and their life in support of a non racialist time.

I have been advised since that it is acceptable for one shall we say ‘young man of colour’ to use it to another ‘young man of colour’ and that in itself is sending mixed messages.

Confusingly so all youngsters will now start using this word (however they spell it) which I am deeply uncomfortable with. The irony being if they do use it verbally  in the workplace and/or within schools/colleges they run the risk of being in trouble for being racist or bullying.

I am trying to be politically correct in my blog and no offence is intended. My own mother grew up understanding what real prejudice meant in war time and being half Jewish and consequently raised us not to be prejudice in any shape or form.

If anybody can explain the purpose of this u-turn  I would greatly appreciate it as it makes no sense to me. Music artist and writers have the ideal platform of opportunity ‘to do good’ with their lyrics and send the right messages – this current phase isn’t one of them…but that’s just my view.




2 thoughts on “Mixed messages

  1. My understanding is that language is only racist when the power play between individuals is not the same.
    When black lads use the n word to each other, they are both on an even playing field, unless one is seen to have more power. This where it is dangerous because one black person may be bullying another and use the excuse that they are both black so it doesn’t count.
    The idea that only a white person can be racist by using the word to describe a black person is based on the assumption that in our society all white people are more powerful that than black people. A somewhat distorted view as to how society has progressed.
    It is probably better to avoid using any word that could offend any minority.

  2. Thanks for responding and letting me know your views. I appreciate your experienced based opinion.

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