Play time

I was reminded yesterday how phrases once the norm as a child sound so funny when finally we have grown up?

Play time..a time of fun becomes ‘break/free period’ as our schooling becomes more serious and focused.

Lunch hour (for those 9-5 office workers) not for the self-employed means just that.

Mine may be quick jog around the common, bowl of soup whilst watching the news with one eye on the lap top. More often than not a sudden realisation come five o’clock that lunch came and went and I am starting to feel a bit peckish and a chocolate bar is calling.

Maybe we should find more time to play but we just need the right distraction and willing play-mate… it can be so boring being grown up.

Last night a friend told me her four year old daughter who was being high-spirited and when told off by Daddy replied:-

‘No you grumpy wizard!’ Love love love it!

She will go far making people laugh is half the battle, keeping them amused not so easy.










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