Magic moments..sharing goals

Yesterday I shared a few magical hours with my lovely spiritual niece and my extremely adorable, witty and bright four year old great nephew… who kept us entertained and our two cats bemused and intrigued.

I am often telling people to say what they mean and mean what they say to avoid confusion. However, when having fun with small children I am reminded that what we say as a joke can be quite worrying to a little person.

Long tale…

Whilst reading a story where all the characters were animals I made a silly comment about the Doctor who was sporting a great long tail..I stupidly said ‘My Dr doesn’t have a tail like that’. I was met with the smart reply ‘Your Dr isn’t an animal!!’ True.. followed by ‘Oh you were joking.’   This boy will go far.

As always my niece and I shared our enthusiasm for our latest projects and discussed future goals with her agreeing we are never too old to expand our knowledge..she is so like me and at her happiest when evolving spiritually. The second generation in my family are very in tune with their spiritual selves and possess a healthy hunger for answers.

Posted on twitter earlier today and fitting for how I view my advancing years:-

‘You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream.’ C S Lewis




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