Cascading Reminiscent Bumps

I know I have posted about cascading reminiscent bumps before but today I experienced a great one.

My daughter bought a small bottle of cream soda and when I smelt its creamy aroma it transported me back to being a child great times and memories of ice cream floats.

Ok.. so this was a good one; but we also know that our senses can send us back into memories that may make us sad too. But hey that is not such a bad thing so what if we shed a tear or two as we remember a loved one no longer with us?

Remember that is the mind’s way of slowly releasing some of that stress and sadness still remaining in our body. Embrace it, feel it and treasure the memory.

I remember being on a London bus once sitting next to an elderly lady who smelt of lavender; I was instantly transported back to summers in the garden with gran making lavender bags -the memory was of course positive but the feeling/reminder that she was no longer around did make me feel a bit sad. So the bump did its job!

As I always say;

‘We keep our loved ones alive in our minds and our hearts’


‘Death does not end a relationship.’



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