May is Purple month for Stroke Awareness

bluebell a

I have no hesitation in helping The Stroke Association to promote their purple month again this year. This is a subject and cause dear to my own heart. What better way to celebrate purple than with spring bluebells. Photo taken at Ashridge last year.

Anybody wanting to get an action pack can do so at

or call 020 7566 1500.

Over the years I have had cause to seek their advice on many occasions to help stroke survivors (they are not victims!) and The Stroke Association are absolutely brilliant. Their literature for people recovering from having a stroke is amazing too.

To quote their own purple leaflet:

Stroke is the second biggest killer in the world and the fourth biggest killer in the UK’

Please visit their website for ways in which you can help and/or donate. Remember the FAST signs to watch out for too:-

Face, Arms, Speech..time to call 999



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