‘Good grief…Dancing in my Dreams’

Some years ago I started working on a bereavement project close to my heart;

‘Good Grief…Dancing in my dreams tells about the personal experience of loving and losing two fathers. The first when I was just aged 7 suddenly and the second a great Stepfather to cancer when I was 30.

I have spent years studying and researching bereavement and collating material. This is now being considered by my publisher working with me on ‘A Mother’s Love’. Here’s hoping these are soon out and available giving some comfort and help to others going through the difficult journey of bereavement especially the loss of a parent.

To my fellow struggling writers out there keep at it, keep writing and don’t give up. It takes as long as it takes for a good reason.

To my best pal and writing mentor Debs Durbin thank you for your constant encouragement and advice.Love ya!




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