Had enough of you…thank you!

Another amazing adventure with my favourite four year old friend sooooo cute and prettier that words can describe. I really love to dip into children’s imaginary world where curiosity is working at its very best.

Yesterday we were treated to her looking for her imaginary baby chicks and asked ‘to form a circle’ Leftovers from her morning at nursery school apparently.

A magical age where any question answered is followed by the question ‘why?’ Reminding us how we take so much for granted and what people say on face value whereas they want and need to know more. Casual use of words are received by children as though we are speaking another language and confirms just how daft and confusing certain aspects of the English language are.

It is also that stage where everything we say is repeated back several times. The phrase of the day was ‘I’ve had enough of you!!‘ Followed by a very high pitched loud ‘Thank you!‘. This was repeated more times than I care to count and directed at the whole household  – including a bemused Cat who probably was just wondering if that would be followed by  food of some description! Meanwhile her nine month old brother replied to her in a language all of his own equally as intriguing.

During one of our many cuddles I was told ‘You smell lovely.’ Gee thanks kid!

Meanwhile back in the real world the proactive within the community were out casting their votes. In my village the right man was re-elected proving that our village and ward had not ‘Had enough of him’ and expressed ‘Thank you’ for all his hard work by putting that all important X in the correct box!

**No animals were harmed in the research of and/or writing of today’s blog.



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