Exam time…keep hydrated

All over the country students of all ages have started to sit their exams. A stressful time and I always feel sorry for those students who suffer with hay fever too. The nicer weather has arrived finally and aside of feeling flushed with anxiety  students will be working through these difficult times even more hot and bothered.

Keep cool, keep calm, balance studying as best you can with getting your rest.

Stay focused…you know this stuff!

My first tip is to keep hydrated: stating the obvious but water in-take is grossly under-estimated. Ensure you drink plenty of water leading up to exam schedules and don’t forget to take your clear plastic water bottle (labels removed) into exam rooms/halls.

If you start to feel overly stressed during an exam; breathe slowly  and imagine for just a few moments you are paddling your feet in cool sea water…now that your heart beat is becoming more regulated time to re-focus and calmly read your next question.

For those of you that know yoga or have tried meditation this can come into its own.

Wishing you all luck…they will soon be over and you can begin to party, holiday and enjoy the summer.




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