Parenting…working with aliens

Parenting as my Mother used to say is a very rewarding if not challenging job and one that you cannot hand your notice in!

In all seriousness, yesterday I helped my niece by looking after her amazing four year old son. In my mind I thought a nice break away from the screen and a relaxing time. Had I really forgotten how demanding children can be?

In the nicest possible way my great nephew kept me fully occupied and on my toes from 11.30 til 5.30. We built Lego castles, played every game box available, read four books, played obscure pretend games and spent happy hours drawing. All was going splendidly.

Until…I volunteered to make paper dolly chains. Been a while and wasn’t sure if I was folding and cutting in the right places but by more luck than judgement the row of dollies came out fine. Of course my lovely boy wanted another row and somehow a row of aliens looking creatures appeared. This was not a problem and we soon set to giving them one eye and painting them green! I was  reminded how in all aspects of life we have to adapt to what we are given..even if it wasn’t quite what we wanted.

As I had only discussed with his Dad earlier; in business there is rarely anything which we do that is not a complete waste it is all experience. Further on we will see its value and that applies to any martian type clients we have to endure who may come from a completely different planet.

As my Accountant brother always says ‘the client is always right even when they are wrong!’




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