Brightest light

It is no secret to creative types that the brightest light may come from the darkest place.

Artists, writers and musicians will often reveal how some of their best work has been inspired by something which may have had a great emotional impact on their life.

An ex-boyfriend who was an amazing talented composer and musician found music his escapism and his sanity through difficult times.

Art therapy helps many people express themselves and this is something often used in helping children overcome bereavement and trauma.

Writing as an example can of course be therapeutic the book shops are full of poetry for example written by the broken-hearted.  When I ran my writers group a lot of hidden emotions revealed themselves on paper.

I know my blog posts are sometimes inspired by something that has tugged at the old heart strings – maybe an injustice and driving me to support a worthwhile cause.

On a more positive note romance is an excellent aphrodisiac to get the ink flowing from one’s nib!

But remember what William Makepeace Thackeray said about that:-

‘That’s the way with poets, they fall in love; jilt or are jilted. They suffer and then cry out that they suffer more than any other mortal’





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