Third time lucky…believe achieve

How much of our life’s achievements are based on luck? Good question, but often people say third time lucky and today it was for me I passed my driving test.

With huge thanks to Nigel Smart my driving instructor for his patience and positive encouragement. As a mature student who had put off driving for ages I needed all the encouragement I could get. I would highly recommend Nigel to anybody of any age;

Also to my wonderful friends that came out driving with me and some of them are still friends!! Joking aside, my female friends have been brilliant with ‘you can do this’ mantra and a special thank you to Mr Twocups… who prompted me to start driving again.

Even very positive people who are not normally nervous are nervous on their driving test it’s  a fact. I made the examiner laugh as I confessed to being nervous, but have passed five counselling qualifications…explain that one!

But today I went armed with a photo of my amazing mum for luck and I would like to think aside of my safe driving skills that she was with me today and helped me bring home my certificate.

Believe achieve; as my favourite young friend says! Today I wrote that down before leaving the house and it was the first thing I said to my instructor.






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