The reason we are here

I am writing my blog tonight listening to the ‘birds’ evening song’ which I is both peaceful and yet victorious at the same time.

Another great night with the ‘Friday club’ a group of great friends and brave debaters. Tonight we were reminded how one is not supposed to talk about religion, politics  or sex. But…as I voiced that all three affect our lives to a certain degree so how can we avoid them? Obviously the ‘in’ and ‘out’ discussion took place and I am not talking belly buttons! Though that would be far more interesting than the Europe debate.

My great minister pal and I had our usual discussion about one’s purpose and how many do not only never get the meaning of life but do not understand the reason they are here either.

I had spoken about this to a certain degree with one of my followers earlier today when I expressed how my great mother was here for a reason. She was a ‘master’! For those that have read ‘Many lives, many masters’  (a great spiritual read) will understand that one and for those who have not then read it and awaken your spirituality this summer!

Life is good the birds outside just confirmed that.


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