Negative thought processes

So another bright celebrity decides to talk about what causes cancer! Not medically trained mind. Spouting that negative thoughts cause cancer is unbelievable. My wonderful mother and many people I know that are always positive have had and/or died from cancer.

Anybody trained in any holistic therapies will know that negative thought process can be altered through sessions of CBT or NLP. We don’t claim to be able to cure cancer though!

I also know a lot of depressive and negative people who are never ill though are always complaining they are -so I think this just proves what a stupid unfounded statement this was to make.

Indeed many people I know who had cancer and in recovery were positive before and even more so afterwards. Yes, we all know that being negative is not terrible helpful to our well-being which can in turn affect our health and state of mind but let’s not be hoodwinked by nonsense.

Stay positive, be kind to others and be mindful whatever your problems are this will help but anybody with an ounce of reasonable intelligence will not believe that if we are feeling down ‘we will go down with cancer!’ we may ‘go down with a cold’ but!!





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