Is more less?

I never suffer from writer’s block but I confess today that I am deliberately not working on my book. I have been asked to expand the word count and I am probably two thirds the way through achieving it…

But and its a big BUT…I am worried about my beloved project losing its original magic which I believed I had captured.

I can hear voices of close successful writer friends saying…just get on with it. The thing is I have material already written that I could so easily use…BUT that word again.

Is less more? or is more less and I’m not talking about the word count now!!

A break away from it today will hopefully make me decide what to do next or what to write next!

The best thing being; the re-write has given me an opportunity to include recent emotive experiences and there is nothing better than writing honestly from the heart which is what I always try to do…more or less!



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