Drug awareness…death of teenagers

I know I am often accused of having an almost black and white approach to drugs but over the years I have seen what drug abuse can do to families. So call me old fashioned but I have a zero drugs policy in my home.

However, I never turn away families that need help and often discuss the subject of smoking drugs and taking drugs with concerned parents. Both parents and teens alike often find themselves justifying what is taken on the grounds ‘it’s from a safe source’ whatever that truly means! I also know that a large percentage of drug users are young men who for whatever reason seem to lose their way or fall into drugs because of peer pressure.

I recently discussed this with a colleague from within the Police who raised her own concerns how the strength of the drugs are not always known and teens may well be taking far more than they intended with seriously tragic outcomes.

I will quote from one of my favourite authors Donald Walsch who explains in his book ‘Conversations with God for Teenagers’ how teenagers believe they get control by taking drugs…but the trick is drugs have control from the very start!

I have just read  in today’s ‘Mail on Sunday’ about the Lakeman’s tragic loss of their two young sons and my heart goes out to them. So today I would like to promote the charity Anyone’s Child.

Please visit http://www.anyoneschild.org to give support and/or donate.



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