Combating stress

Throughout our lives we will meet stress head on and often without much notice. However, there are things in life which we do get an opportunity to prepare for and to help us keep stress levels down and sanity in tact.

I am surrounded by friends with children sitting exams and it is a very stressful time for students. Often those students who have a goal in life and their career options chosen apply so much self-inflicted pressure to do well. Whereas the student who may not know what they really want to do will appear to sail through their exams and many without a lot of revision…according to their parents.

However, there are things that can be done to help our children during these times by encouraging exercise and pleasure activities alongside. Even those mums that do yoga themselves could do a lot worse than teach their children simple breathing and relaxing techniques.

I know many exams are now drawing to a close this week but for the students the stress isn’t over as they tend to worry all summer until the results are announced. As I was discussing today with a colleague often what may appear a reluctant second choice may  turn out a better option. Indeed I remember blogging this concept last August with so many students  having to have remarks, but aside of the results many lost their first/preferred university options and were having to consider alternatives via clearing..for many this wasn’t the end of the world as they feared…it was a better option far beyond their imagination.

We know that worrying about things won’t change them and as parents we really feel for our children during exam period and the ultimate results day. Stay positive and open minded and try not to make yourself stressed worrying for them!



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