Reflection isn’t just about looking in the mirror and examining how we think and look at things ourselves but also observing others around us. Behind the actions of others which may be alarming to us there is always something going on which may not be obvious to the naked eye. We think people are putting on a mask to hide how they feel and more often than not that is just what they are doing.

However, mask or not there are other signs which one can look out for which will help us put the jigsaw pieces together and this involves acting as the FBI agent when parenting! We constantly hear about how teens are stressed, self harming and experimenting in drugs but as parents we have to  think ‘why’ and how we can stop these trends if indeed we can.

It is very easy to blame the parents, and solo parents get the hardest deal when the truth is they often take their parenting more seriously than some two-parent families. You are on your own and you want to get it right. Being both mum and dad can be extremely hard. For those that are fortunate to have their ex-partners still in their children’s lives it can be just as difficult to know when to involve Dad.

I hate to gender determine certain situations but I know my own Mother worried about the lack of a Father figure being left widowed with a young family. We all do the best we can do and hope we have got it right. As I was reminded again recently teenage brains are not fully developed until early twenties in terms of reasoning so often the parental advice will go in one ear out the other!

Festival time is on the horizon and parents will be worrying about their children’s safety…I know I did when my daughter went to Reading two years back but we have to let them venture out into the world even if they do come back grubby and tired!




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