Mindfulness…parenting and teens

Over the past few days I have been in the company of various friends and colleagues currently working within the education sector. There is a growth requirement for well-being support roles as this sector struggles to help students cope with stress levels.

Many of us are also parents of teenagers who seem to be having such a stressful time of it, the pressures of modern day society and desire to succeed and achieve in examinations sadly is overwhelming for many.

We know that teenagers are in many cases turning to drugs and in need of great support and understanding. Maybe as adults we understand the meaning of mindfulness and possess coping strategies but forget our children have yet to learn through experience of life.

As I constantly say all children are amazing in their own way and not all can be great high academic achievers. It is also a well-reported statistically proven fact that young boys do not share their feelings and anxieties and as parents it is a tough task trying to get them to open up.

I repeat on a daily basis it is not easy being a teenager in today’s society, as parents we must engage as much as they will allow us to. Never be too busy to open up that communication line we need to know what’s going on and ignore warning signs at our peril.


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