memories and music

Anybody that knows me soon realises how much I truly love my music. Music can transport us back to times in our lives full of fond memories and dreams. Today I have just re-watched one of my top five films ‘Meet Joe Black’ and of course the score to this film written by the amazing Thomas Newman who always brings such depth of emotions to any film.

‘A whisper of a thrill’ played through is sheer magic and reminds me of a very special man that came into my life. I was watching this film one day and he rang me…he teased me for ages after as I said I was thinking of him..but watching Brad Pitt.  He sometimes reads my blog and if by chance he is today (hello B). Yes, I do look forward not back but a much better mentor told me ‘memories live longer than dreams’ we made ours. Every girl should be loved like that at least once in a life time!

The closing music to those that know this film is of course a beautiful version of ‘Somewhere over the rainbow’ same version was played at a recent funeral I attended. I am reminding myself of my good advice it is good to cry sometimes to release emotions.

Anyone that has lost their father will resonate with this great film. I always cry when Anthony Hopkins dances with his daughter…never had that opportunity to dance with my own father. My book currently with my publishers ‘Dancing in my dreams’ reflects how I have dreamed I have.

For those that still have their dads love them whilst you can, that’s the order of the day.




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