Little book of kisses

Today is international kissing day. Kissing is important and prompted me last year to write a book on the subject.

‘A Little Book of Kisses’ is currently being considered by publishers failing which I guess I will publish it in-house as a kindle book. Little taster follows…

‘Reasons to kiss

As humans we all use this act to confirm all sorts of emotions to friends and family, meeting and greeting, congratulating, maybe giving a magic kiss for a sore knee of a child perhaps. Planting a kiss as a sign of affection when somebody is upset and for no better reason than just because it feels right.

Burning off calories

Isn’t it great when one finds a partner that enjoys kissing as much as you do then it can not only be a pleasurable experience but a great way to burn off a few calories – now there’s a thought.

Depending on which facts you go for kissing can burn 2/3 or even 6.4 calories a minute according to what internet piece you read! Go for the lower figure and give yourself an incentive to kiss for longer.

Annie Manning© ‘






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