Second choice

During my screen break walk today I met a mother of a teenager awaiting exam results. I  shared my genuine belief that sometimes one’s second choice can be the better option.  I am reminded how last year so many exams had to be remarked..albeit it too late for students to secure their first lost places at the university of choice.

Many students have been surprised just how better a fit their second choice or their clearing place has been.Disappointments in life is something we all have to learn to live with and accept and at any age.

Indeed just today, one of my own projects was rejected and this soon will be revealed perhaps a blessing. As a close friend says ‘what is meant for you won’t pass you by’.

I finish my blog today watching the news to witness the soon to be appointed second female prime minister in my life time. Whether you vote conservative or not it will be interesting to see what Mrs May will contribute the coming years.

I have to confess to be just as interested as to what would happen to the cat at No 10 who is staying put…if he could talk eh?  I bet he is a lib dem voter truth be known!


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