Dorothy’s education

Whilst writing my tribute to my mother ‘A Mother’s Love‘ (Gospels according to Dorothy) I guess I have been indulging myself somewhat in my memories of not just her pearls of wisdom but of the times we spent together.

Like many people my age I grew up with Doris Day tunes playing on the radio or wireless as mum always referred to it! Mum was an avid fan of both this actress of the time and of course Clark Gable. To dad she was ‘his Doris’ and to mum he was ‘her Clarke …he even had the moustache and was a nappy dresser!

Today I was treating myself from time away from the screen and found an old film on Netflix ‘Teacher’s pet‘ which featured both these actors of the time. It was a magical era where men wore suits and women didn’t go out without their hat and gloves classic! Clark was an editor on a newspaper and the beautiful Doris a teacher of journalism.They fight over which is better education or professional experience?

There were some great one liners in this old gem of a film which I had to write down:-

‘Education teaches a man how to spell experience’

‘Experience is the jockey, education the horse’

Later there is a debate wherein a very well educated psychologist argues that; ‘if you have knowledge through experience you have an education. If you look up the word knowledge it means to know’…valid point.

The school of life is indeed a great teacher and our experiences are the lessons!



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